Should Parents Have The Best For Their Child? Essay

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Parents want what’s best for their child; however, sometimes, what’s best for their child is not always what the parents want. A strong example is shown in youth sports and how parents often want their son /daughter to be some kind of superstar like LeBron James or Lindsey Vonn. It’s clear that parents are becoming more and more involved in their children’s athletic events. Parents are even forcing their children into playing sports they might not have pictured themselves involved in otherwise. Whether the kid likes the sport or not, should parents really be making the decision for him/her? Evidence has shown that a majority of people feel it is wrong to force a child to play sports. First, it starts off as parents pushing their children into sports at age five or six in dreams of them becoming the next Michael Jordan or Serena Williams. Soon, the sport takes up the whole child’s life, making it impossible to have time for other activities or time to just be a kid, inevitably leading the kid to not find the sport fun anymore, and sometimes forceful parents can influence their children to be stressed and overly competitive. They can also up their children’s chances for injury and even break the bond they have with their child by never showing their approval (which can ultimately lead to bad personality traits).
Typically, a forceful parent is also a competitive parent. These competitive parents only care about one thing: winning. The reason parents are so competitive is…

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