Should Orcas Be Set Free? Essay

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Should Orcas Be Set Free? Many people can probably say they have been to a Shamu show at SeaWorld. They probably sat and watched how the magnificent Killer Whales do everything their trainer 's say. It’s amazing how well they listen and are able to learn all the different motions. In the 1960’s, Orcas began being hunted and sold to amusement parks for millions of dollars. They are pack animals, and travel together within their pod. Orcas are taken from their families, are underfed, and spend their life swimming in small tanks when they are used to swimming up to one hundred miles a day. These animals weigh several tons, and are trapped in a small pools for the rest of their lives for entertainment, and profit. Orca captivity is bad for the animals because it’s inhumane, causes psychological problems, and several health problems. The living conditions of captive orcas are more than just inhumane. Orcas are confined in tanks that are equivalent to the size of a bathtub to a human. Orcas in the wild swim up to 100 miles a day. In order for that to happen in captivity an Orca would have to swim 1,208 laps around their tank. There are multiple Orcas from all sorts of families, even different kinds of Orcas, all mixed in together. “SeaWorld of Hurt” gives further information about how family oriented, and social these animals really are:
Orcas are highly social animals who live in stable social groups ranging from 2-15 individuals. In some populations, children stay with…

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