Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

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When it comes to wars against drug, Marijuana is known one of the biggest enemy in drug war. Kids growing up by listening to their parents that drugs is a taboo. But I found interesting is that the alcohol and tobacco, the two life threatening substance was illegal before are now legalized, why shouldn’t we legalize marijuana? In some states in United States, marijuana is legalized, some are strictly only for medical use and in some states marijuana is legal for recreational use. Normally marijuana is used to treat Seizure disorder, Crohn’s disease, muscle spasm or Nausea from cancel chemotherapy. I would like to bring out an example of a 6 years old little girl from Colorado who is benefit by legalization of marijuana in Colorado State. That little girl called Charlotte, she started having multiple Seizure since she was 3 months old and the rate of Seizure happens goes up with her age. Her parent tried every kind of medication or treatment they could find but did not improve her condition until they decided to try marijuana medication on her after the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. After receiving the marijuana medication, her Seizure only happens two three times per month and she is growing up happily just like other kids. Without the help of marijuana, she might still suffering from the frequent Seizures every day. As we can see, marijuana is not bad as we thought. Medication is not the only way we can benefit from marijuana. If all states in United States…

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