Essay on Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Introduction It is among one of the many things that all human beings have the ability to relate to; the fact that life is difficult. As one ages, the complications and hardships begin to accumulate in one’s life. Many personal milestones and seemingly impossible tasks are accomplished with the possibility of added stress to make the process almost unbearable. It is during these tough and pressing times in one’s life that they may turn to a multitude of distractions to cope with the stress of simply being alive. These distractions could include going to see a film with friends or playing videogames. There are some distractions however, that are not as innocent as just being in the company of loved ones. A prime example of a dangerous distraction is the use or abuse of illicit drugs. Many people, especially the youth, may turn to drugs as a way of escaping from reality and living in a place of his or her own. Among the most often abused drug is marijuana. This over-indulgence in marijuana could be because it is one of the most easily obtainable drugs in the United States, but it could potentially be the most dangerous as well. Background Information
Marijuana legalization seems to be at the forefront of many political stages and campaigns as of late. It is a hot-button issue that is only moving forward as more states make it legal to consume. Four states so far, Alaska, Oregon, Colorado and Washington, have each legalized marijuana for recreational use. There…

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