Should Marijuana Be Legal? Essay

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American prison’s systems are overcrowded because most of their prisoners are non-violent crimes such as using marijuana. “In 2010, 52 percent of prisoners that were in jail were because of a marijuana charger. 88 percent of them were in jail simply for having marijuana in their possession. Studies show that African Americans are 3.73 times more to be arrested for marijuana than white people in our country” (MARIJUANA ARRESTS BY THE NUMBERS). “American prison’s systems used 74 billion dollars to keep their gates open” (The Economics of the American Prison System).
“Law enforcement has more important responsibilities than arresting 750,000 individuals a year for marijuana possession, especially given the additional justice costs of disposing of each of these cases” (10 Reasons Marijuana Should Be Legal). Majority of the funding for prisons come from the pockets of tax payer. So holding non-violent marijuana users or sellers in prison is causing the country money that could be used for other areas in need. “Marijuana arrests make justice more expensive and less efficient in the United States, wasting jail space, clogging up court systems, and diverting time of police, attorneys, judges, and corrections officials away from violent crime, the sexual abuse of children, and terrorism” (10 Reasons Marijuana Should Be Legal). Marijuana has been around for centuries and other country has even used it for medical reason.
“In 2737 B.C., china used marijuana as a medical reference.…

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