Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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For the past five to six decades, there has been the everlasting battle of wanting to legalize marijuana. Every year new information and statistics about the illegal marijuana market come out in to society. As a high school student, I am one of the many individuals who support legal cannabis and I am constantly shocked of how many new people I discover who actively use weed as a source of relaxation. Today, marijuana is used to decrease stress, as well as finding a source of happiness. For this research project, I decided to ponder this question. Why is marijuana illegal and why did the government decide to make this prohibition an official law when there is no proof of cannabis being harmful in any way? A follow up question that is more in depth of how marijuana is distributed is; what is so wrong with having a regulated marijuana market? I suspect this drug is changing the way stress is handled and more happiness is being shown in the world.
Before I could focus on the impact of legalizing marijuana, I first needed to learn about how marijuana has impacted an individual’s life. I started by reading an article about a girl with severe autism who controlled her daily seizures by intaking every day doses of cannabis, written by Kevin C. Shelly, a writer for the PhillyVoice. According to Shelly, if someone has a disability and has trouble focusing in school, medical marijuana can expand their cognition and are less likely to have seizures because they are not stressed in any

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