Essay on Should Marijuana Be A Navy Seal

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I am a five foot seven, Hispanic 18 year old that someday will become a Navy SEAL. I plan in getting an education in electrical engineering, I’ll be the first on my dad’s side to graduate from college. My hobbies include: gardening, drawing, animating, and making music. I am independent, by that I mean I support the 2nd amendment, but I also support marijuana legalization. I aspire to have large sums of money, and property in California. I hope to have large political influence in Bolivia. I absolutely LOVE memes, but only the high quality relatable memes that you have to look hard to find. I like to think that I work hard and/or play hard. I won’t accept work that pays less than 17$ an hour unless it’s my own business. I’m a party guy, but I never get invited. I’m always willing to help no matter who or what it is. I’m a cool guy.
A special object for me is my UNSCC (United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps) SEAL pin. I earned this August 4, 2015 during the graduation ceremony of my SEAL class. During this training we endured the worst the UNSCC has to offer, two weeks of intense hazing and training all to give fruit to the pin which proved you to be the best of the best the corps has to offer. But for me the ceremony seemed a bit watered down, at least emotionally, because no matter how much they hyped up the value of the pin the only true value I found in it was a something to remind me of the brotherhood I formed with my peers and of how capable I am of great things. I…

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