Should Management Be Considered An Art Or Science? Essay

1824 Words Nov 18th, 2016 8 Pages
The most obvious response as to whether management should be considered an art or science is that it is an amalgamation of both, however, the degree to which it is one or the other can be argued in favour of either way. Management can be considered an art as it requires creativity, flexibility, and the application of practical knowledge as a skill. Conversely, there are also sound arguments as to why management could be considered a science. There is substantial research into achieving replicable results with the application of different management techniques, which is, in essence, the fundamental basis for scientific study. Additionally, there is a wealth of information available and contributing to a singular body of knowledge consisting of many different theories; once again echoing the notion that management is a science to be understood. Nevertheless, Art and Science have one undeniable link which as suggested by Casella (1922) is that they are both a combination of intelligence and instinct, also sometimes referred to as genius and talent. One aspect of management that exudes qualities evocative of both art and science is strategy and strategic management. Strategic management was defined by Teece (1990) as “the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of managerial actions that enhance the value of a business enterprise”. The principles of strategic management can be applied to the automotive industry and how companies have had to adapt to the ever-changing…

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