Should Live During A Nuclear Holocaust? Essay

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On October 26th, 2015, our team, consisting of Parker, Christine, Nate, Matt, Katelyn, and Sam, completed the second group activity regarding who should live in a nuclear holocaust crisis. Because we worked as a group, we successfully made a list of three people – the doctor, the scientist, and the pregnant mom with a daughter – to keep on the area of land for two years; however, despite completing the activity, we still had challenges to overcome during the process.
To begin, although we successfully finished the nuclear holocaust activity, there were many shortcomings and problem areas during the planning stage. For example, going over the details of the project thoroughly before starting would have been helpful because everyone did not have a complete understanding of how the situation worked, which wasted time and limited thinking. Also, because we all reached a consensus practically in the planning stage of who to save, there was really no one to argue the value of the other people’s lives; we potentially missed an opportunity to save someone more valuable (Komives & Lucas, 1998, p. 215-246). Lastly, similar to the shortcoming in the riddle activity, the large size of our group made it more challenging to listen to all individual ideas.
During the planning stage of the nuclear holocaust activity, each member of the team took on a role that helped lead the group to choosing three people to live on the land during the nuclear holocaust. Because our team had already…

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