Should Joe Refuse To Give His Father The Money?

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Briefly, describe the dilemma you chose and your answers to the questions posed for that dilemma.

The dilemma I chose, was about Joe a fourteen-year-old boy who wanted to go to a camp, the catch was he would have to pay for the camp himself otherwise, his father said he wouldn't let him go because his father wasn't going to pay for it. His father last minute changed his mind and told him he needed his money for the fishing trip that his friends wanted to go to and that he should give his father the money that Joe worked for to go camping.

1. Should Joe refuse to give his father the money?
I think that Joe should refuse to give his father the money because Joe worked hard for his forty- something dollars.

2. Does the father have the right
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If his father was going to make him give him the money when it seems he doesn't have enough to send his son to camp, he definitely should not be asking his son to give him the money he worked for and back out of his promise.

3. Does giving the money have anything to do with being a good son?
Giving the money should not have anything to do with being a good son. Though this is about money and whether to give it to him or not. It does not reflect the character of Joe being a good son.

4. Is the fact that Joe earned the money himself important in this situation?

It is important because he earned the money for himself to go to the camp. Since he worked for it, he understood that if he wanted what was promised he would have to work for it. It teaches Joe that if you want something you will need to work for it and that things aren't always given to you. It is also important because since he worked for his money, he now knows the "worth" of his money meaning how hard he had to work for it and how he has control over the money because it is his money.

5. The father promised Joe he could go camping if he earned the money. Is the fact that the father promised the most important thing in the
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Why is that the most important thing?
The most important thing in any relationship has to be good communication because will keep their relationship healthy as well as show Joe the reason in why he broke the promise, give him some understanding, and, help his development in how he sees relationships and communicating with one another.
9. In general, what should be the authority of a father over his son?
The "authority" of a father over his son, is more of what I consider responsibility. The authority should be having the best interest for his son and his responsibility in making sure that Joe's development is in a healthy environment (including making rules, manners, social skills), teaching him their values, communication, and anything else to help him grow so he can develop more as a person.

10. What do you think is the most important thing a son should be concerned about in his relationship with his father?
That there is always communication and respect. Though a son might not like what his father is doing or something that has to happen etc. He should have tools to be able to communicate his feelings and what he understands of the situation so that he can comprehend what is

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