Essay on Should Gun Control Be Used At Schools?

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Do guns need to be used at schools? May would say of course, to protect the students from active shooters, but do they really protect them? Some would say yes and others would say no. First, there is a big debate about gun control in our country right now because of the mass shootings and the murders. Gun fights have been happening in a lot of places, such as parking lots and schools. Many people feel we should have guns in schools, but they are not seeing the whole picture. If we put armed teachers or policemen in schools that are armed will that solve the problem? Probably not, there have been study on the way peoples brain works during an active shooter. Police officers and people that have been in an active shooter situation believe that it takes extensive training to be able to hit your target. There was a study done in New York City that said police officers during a gunfight only hit their target eighteen percent of the time. Now, you may think that is good, but think about how many innocents can be hit in that eighteen percent. Studies have shown that the human brain doesn’t work the same way when we are under attack. Also, during a gunfight or massive shooting we come into contact with adrenaline. A cop named Jim Glennon found himself being shot at. He went to a regular shoplifting call and ended up have to track the guy down and found himself being shot at. He hesitated when he saw the gun then he yelled gun! As this was all happening his brain slowed down and…

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