Should Gun Control Be Controlled Or Not? Essay

1380 Words Feb 4th, 2016 null Page
Jackson along with two others, at 14-years old, were a part of a case involving a shotgun, a video store, and a death. Although Jackson was not the shooter, he was sent to prison without parole. With cases like this, people start to think: First of all, why does a 14-year old have a shotgun? Second, what was going on in their head to cause them to shoot the gun? Third, is it even legal for them to have a shotgun? Many people argue about guns on a daily base. They argue whether owning guns should be controlled or not. Others believe if guns were controlled, then it would be unconstitutional. What exactly makes something unconstitutional? If it is “unauthorized by, or inconsistent with the constitution, as of a country,” then it is unconstitutional (unconstitutional, n.d). In other words, if something goes against the laws of the country it is unconstitutional. For example, Gun Control is unconstitutional because it contradicts the law, or the constitution, of the United States.
Gun Control is a law that limits gun sales, and gun ownerships, to reduce crime cases. In the United States, President Obama proposed an executive order on gun control for all U.S. citizens. This order for gun control includes background checks for people who sell, buy, or have a history with mental health problems. Buying a gun will be difficult with this Order because, “The government will also require background checks for people who try to buy restricted firearms through a legal entity” (Schmidt,…

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