Should Genetic Engineering Be Used? Essay

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Should Genetic Engineering Be Used to Add Intelligence Genes to Humans? If you have the ability to design your own child, what kind of genes would you add? Would it be genes associated with attractive physical appearance, strong immunity, or great intelligence? In the article Future Humans: Four Ways We May, or May Not, Evolve, James Owen (2009) gives four predictions regarding the future of humanity, one of which predicts that genetic engineering would direct the path of artificial selection (pp. 78-79). According to Owen (2009), the ability of humans to genetically modify organisms will allow the evolution of humans to reach human perfection (pp. 78-79). But in our understanding of Owen’s ideas, there is one claim that stands out as his most controversial: genetic engineering will be used to add intelligence genes to humans in the future (2009, p. 79). It is only natural that parents would want their child to have intelligence genes, as it is every parent’s wish to see their child succeed. Whether it is academic-related intelligence or interpersonal intelligence, intelligence is often viewed as a measure of success. Admittedly, a child born with greater intelligence will most likely succeed in school, perhaps even getting a scholarship and further access to higher education. Education, in turn, will enhance a child’s problem solving and critical thinking skills, and thus trains their reasoning ability. In addition, education also shapes a child’s character as school is…

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