Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized? Essay

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Should Gay Marriage Be Nationally Legalized?
Adopting a homosexual lifestyle makes you no less of a human than that of a heterosexual. No one has the right to tell another who they can or cannot commit to, plus our civil liberties grant us the right to the pursuit of happiness. We are the ones who measure our own happiness, and no one else can do that for us. The legalization of gay marriage will lower divorce rates, impact the nation economically, and it is unconstitutional for it not to be legal; but on the other hand there are some reasons to why people disagree such as religion, and what the courts think. So in my opinion yes I agree with gay marriage being legalized.
In the United States, the divorce rate ranges from 40 to 50%. Interestingly, the more times people marry, the higher the divorce rate rises. In 2004, Massachusetts began the first state of 50 to legalize same sex marriage. As a result, they have the lowest divorce rate. Today in states where gay marriage is legal, the divorce rate is roughly 20% lower than states only allowing unity between opposite sex (Mallon, Bridget, The Huffington Post). If the entire country legalized same sex marriage then the divorce would decrease tremendously.” When San Francisco legalized gay marriage 4037 marriage licenses were issued and 3995 gay couples were married within several months before the state voided the marriages.” In the 2000censusit was found that there were 601,209 committed gay couples in America.” (Gay…

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