Should Euthanasia Be Legalized? Essay

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The legalizing of euthanasia in some countries has allowed patients who suffer greatly from chronic pain, assured that they no longer can be treated, have an option to have a physician end their life in order to end the battle they have with the suffering. Euthanasia can be practiced in two different procedures, passive and active. In passive euthanasia the physician of a patient withholds and stops treatments such as life supports, nutrition, hydration etc. with the consent of the patient and the family in order for the patient to die naturally. In other words the physician sets no timeline for the death of the patient he/she only eliminates tools that can help the patient survive. Active euthanasia on the other hand is when a physician injects lethal or uses harmful medical substances with the consent of the patient to end their life. Although euthanasia is permitted by law, only one form of it passive euthanasia, is seen morally acceptable. This is strange since the end result of both acts is the death of the patient due to the actions of the physician. Active euthanasia should be treated just as morally acceptable as passive euthanasia since active euthanasia allows for the patient to not have to endure pain when dying and the friends and family of the patient too no longer have to see their loved one in a condition where they cannot help them get better.
For many years now life threatening diseases such as cancer cause extreme misery and pain for the patient.…

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