Should Euthanasia Be Legalized? Essay

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Euthanasia is the act of voluntarily self-inflicted death. It is often used in conjunction with assisted suicide, as the act is accomplished with the help of another, usually a doctor. The notion of intention is crucial in the debate of euthanasia. Even though the death may have been caused by the omission of a drug sustaining the patient’s life, euthanasia takes place only if the death was intended. The doctrine of double effect is a concept linked with end of life decisions and differentiates euthanasia. The doctrine acquits the death of a patient which is a result of secondary action such as death by the primary intend of alleviating pain. Currently euthanasia is illegal in most countries, due to numerous reasons on the basis of morality and religion.
Across all the states and territories in Australia, any act resulting in the deliberate death of another person is defined as murder, including euthanasia. Survey undertaken in 2015 shows that 93% of the sample wants euthanasia to be legalised. South Australia has been considered as the best candidate for the legislation of euthanasia due to its history of social reform. Numerous attempts have been made to overturn the legislation, however, have failed to date.
The consequences of euthanasia, however, are double edged. The legalisation would undermine the human dignity for all people, allowing them to acknowledge the death is a solution to difficult times, depression or illness. On the contrary, by…

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