Should Euthanasia Be Legal? Essay

748 Words Jul 8th, 2016 3 Pages
Although euthanasia is nothing new, it has been a trending topic on social media for quite some time. We used to think of euthanasia as something that only animals went through. Now, that is not the case anymore. There is something called the 'right to die '. This term is used to describe the process of either committing suicide by the aid of a physician or signing a directive to pull the plug after so long dependent on artificial life. Many people are starting to opt for the fourth physician directed suicide it 's becoming a trend to hit the way you want to leave this earth because of that there are morals and ethics surrounding if it should be allowed that a physician should be able to perform a suicide the big question is should one be allowed to do in their life and which one is more ethical ending your life naturally or ending your life the way you decide to Indralaya. Usually this is done by the administering of a drug or sedative that will allow the patient to fall asleep and pass away painlessly and effortlessly. Terminally ill patients and patients who have been deemed unnecessary have been deemed nonrecoverable have the option of physician assistant suicide. Physician-assisted suicide is no more ethical then pulling the plug on a patient who is brain-dead the physician has to decide whether the patient outcome is life and what their quality a lot of life will be. There is no ethical difference between a patient mentally stable making the decision for their own…

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