Essay Should Euthanasia Be Legal?

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As a whole, in our society we have a set list of views, values, and morals in our minds and even written into law or documented in some way that are generally accepted among the people. When we begin to tamper with these aspects of society, it is likely to bring a significant impact into play that we may or may not like the outcome of. With this being said, the idea of making euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide legal, especially when we do already have accepted ways of dealing with and helping the terminally ill, cuts into these core values that have been instilled in us and that define our society as we know it. One of the major views and values that this would undermine or go back on is the law that states that you cannot kill another human being because legalizing euthanasia is making it legal for one human being to intentionally end the life of another, which by definition is murder. Margaret Somerville, a professor of law and the faculty of medicine, believes that by legalizing euthanasia, we would be tainting our respect for human life and that laws against killing one another are the "the cornerstone of law and human relationships". To elaborate on this, by giving someone else the legal ability to end another 's life you are allowing them to essentially "play God" on that person which then redefines what we must look at as murder opposed to suicide because, although the one being euthanized may have consented, ultimately someone else is doing the killing and it…

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