Euthanasia In Canada Essay

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Euthanasia is the act of terminating someone’s life in order to end pain and suffering; albeit, this is not a right. Currently in Canada, suicide is not a crime, but under section 214(b) of the Criminal Code of Canada, aiding and abetting someone to commit suicide is an indictable offense. Euthanasia, both passive (withdrawing necessities) and active (intentionally executing the life), falls under the aiding of committing suicide. After a couple serious cases such as R. v. Latimer and the case of Sue Rodriguez the legalization of euthanasia is being attempted again. At the moment, the Canadian government is in the midst of the ruling on Quebec’s law on assisted suicide, as well as hearing arguments about whether the criminalization of euthanasia …show more content…
It’s clear to see that it can cause major damage to the normal social practices we follow today through the decrease in drive to cure illness, the increase in personal autonomy, and the bad laws that may follow. Additionally, it can create a plethora of issues involving regulating the law when it comes to things like “duty to die,” and “duty to kill,” damage to the patient doctor relationship and false safeguarding. And finally, it can cause horrifying psychological pressure on people who have differing opinions on assisted suicide within a household, are forced to counsel patients into euthanasia, or have made a decision that they inevitably come to regret. An English writing once said, “No man is an island” (John Donne, 1624) about euthanasia, which meant that no one man should ever decide their end, be it a doctor or a patient, since we are not island but rather a part of a whole. This point alone should hold enough integrity to dissuade the legalization of

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