Should Death Penalty Be Abolished?

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Should the death penalty be abolished?

The death penalty has been a controversial practice of punishment. Personally, I think the death penalty or capital punishment is morally wrong. There are many reasons on why I believe it is wrong to punish someone by death, but above everything else I believe that nobody deserves to be killed no matter he or she did. By having the death penalty, it makes our laws just as guilty as the person doing the crime. Why is it right to murder someone just because you’re under the jurisdiction of the law? Leaving someone locked up in a cell all his or her life is a better alternative. He or she will have to experience the consequences of their actions instead of leaving it all behind. In perspective to rights, it is not fair for those to be punished to death when it is illegal in the majority of countries. I think that goes to say that around the whole world that the death penalty is widely unaccepted. People in those countries committing similar crimes are punished by imprisonment. There is always time to become a better person after he or she has committed a heinous crime. Many people believe “an eye for an eye” is an understandable punishment but the underlying problem is that they are
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According to a study by the Women Donors Network, “95% of elected prosecutors in the U.S. are white and 79% are white men” (Fandos). That goes to show the inequality of race in our justice system. The majority of people that are charged with the death penalty have committed crimes against whites. “Even though blacks and whites are murder victims in nearly equal numbers of crimes, 80% of people executed since the death penalty was reinstated have been executed for murders involving white victims” (Fandos). With this being said, if a white person was shot and killed on the streets, there is a better chance the suspect will be given the death penalty opposed to if it were a black person

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