Essay on Should Cosmetic Surgery Be Legal?

1083 Words Sep 25th, 2015 5 Pages
Should cosmetic surgery in adolescents be legal? More teenagers are going “under the knife” to get breast implants, lip injections, or liposuction. Doctors are struggling with this topic today. Cosmetic surgery is surgery to improve a “normal” appearance. Body image is very important to teenagers. There are different influences that affect self esteem and how they see themselves. Social media is a main influence. Teenage celebrities are undergoing plastic surgery and it is being plastered all over social media, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The teenagers that are seeing these pictures may have unrealistic expectations as to how they should look. Cosmetic surgery comes with high risks, but can also help with psychological issues. The matter in question is whether or not plastic surgery should be available to adolescents. As of now, teenagers can undergo cosmetic surgery with parental and medical consent. Teenage years are when people start becoming concerned with body image. Society is subjected to the media and they start to realize that their body doesn’t look the same as the actors or actresses on television. Television shows and movies cast women that have a nice figure and a pretty face. They cast men that are fit and muscular. Body image doesn’t only affect girls, it affects boys too. Girls struggle with the size of their breasts, their weight, or size of their lips. Whereas, boys struggle with weight, or muscles. Through the years,…

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