Should Cops Need Education Or Not? Essay

828 Words Apr 12th, 2016 4 Pages
In this day and age it is not required for police officers to go to school though some say it is infact, beneficial. In this essay you will see the studies of evidence in determining whether or not it is actually beneficial. There are many opinions on this topic, but many don’t understand this topic due to the lack of research. I will be going over some evidence I have found on this topic, as well as my opinion to go with it. This essay will help many become more open-minded about whether cops need education or not. As said in a book titled Policeman, many teachers in the police academy thought the books would give the student a large understanding of what life working as a cop would be like. The academy student mentioned that his advisor named Moriarty was a senior officer of the academy. Moriarty thought that the standard textbook was needed to give police recruits and basic knowledge of the law, along with street life. (Ramsay, Richard. 2015.) This gave me the feeling that Officer Green didn’t agree with what he had learned even in the academy. He preached that he learned more on the street rather than in the academy, and few prior college classes he had taken on law enforcement, and criminal justice. Here is a summary of what author Green mentioned; “Nothing can compare to the feeling when you are on the street, and in charge. Being the first person arriving to an active crime scene.” When Green said that line it really made me feel how he was feeling. His first night…

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