Essay on Should Colleges Be Free?

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Over the years college tuitions have risen by significant amounts, causing many students to argue and say that colleges should be free. Colleges should be free as it provides many benefits towards people living in the communities. There are many things holding back colleges which would be benefitted from becoming free but two of the most important factor are the cost and equal opportunity.

To begin cost has been a major factor when it comes to colleges. “StatsCan released average tuition fee figures for Canadian full-time students. The data shows that for the 2014/2015 academic year, fees rose by 3.3 per cent on average compared to the previous school year” (Loney 2014). Over the years the cost of tuition has become more and more costly as the fees have risen by 3.3 yearly, these costs have become much more difficult for student to pay discouraging them from going to college as the cost are too high for them, due to this in the process of being unable to pay these increasing tuition fees student would go straight to workplaces rather than try to pay the programs, which could change is colleges were free.“Tuition fees, of course, aren’t the only costs students have to budget for. StatsCan said additional compulsory fees also increased nationally by 2.8 per cent. These fees include things like athletic fees, health services, student association fees and other costs” (Loney 2014). Aside from the increasing cost of the Annual tuition fees for the college programs, Compulsory…

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