Should College Be Free? Essays

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While looking at both sides of the argument for why college should and should not be free, I found myself trying not to agree with people 's arguments against free college education. For example, Kelly writes, “Federal data show that 68 percent of public two-year college students have to take at least one remedial course; the average student who starts at a two-year college takes 2.9 remedial courses. Very few of these students complete a degree or certificate” (Kelly). When reading that, the first thing i said, was why does that matter and who cares. But when I really think about the 68% of students who need take remedial courses. I started to think about if America, made college free and we did not change the way we prepared students for success, students would only be wasting taxpayers money than actually putting it to good use. Although I want college to be free, I noticed that I never asked myself until reading this quote, Eichen writes, “we must remember that federal funds come from working Americans and, therefore, will have an effect on the lives of those taxed, as well as society as a whole”(Eichen). Many people in this country including me do not ask the question of who pays for children education. When growing up and attending school, for most people it does not cross their mind about how free public education is made possible for so many people. This is the famous word most people like to use “Free” when talking about public schools. But that is the problem their…

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