Essay Should College Be A College Degree?

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Upon completion of high school, many students face the difficult choice of whether to attend college or not. Acquiring a college degree is neither a simple, nor inexpensive task. Furthermore, college requires an intense amount of devotion to study in order learn the required material. Because of the rising costs of college tuition, many students will leave college with a large amount of debt. Nevertheless, college can be an extremely beneficial and rewarding experience. In many cases, statistics show that college still remains well worth the effort and costs. The college experience, costs, and job opportunities are factors that ultimately show college is still worthwhile.
Acquiring a college degree requires competence and responsibility. For many individuals, the workload of college can be very difficult to handle. Whereas in high school a large amount of time is spent in a classroom, college students will spend the majority of their time studying. As a result, the responsibility of using time wisely will be left to the students. Students must decide how to organize their time in order to accomplish their work before a given deadline. Those who decide to waste their time will likely realize their mistake from poor grades. This lifestyle teaches students to work efficiently and in stressful situations where time is of the essence.
Furthermore, students can gain valuable work experience through college. Employers often provide internship opportunities to students via their…

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