Essay on Should College Athletes Get Paid?

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Should college athletes get paid?

Throughout college sports one of the most discussed topic is whether or not student athletes should be compensated for their play. Before grasping your thoughts around the idea if they should or shouldn’t get paid, keep this in mind. College athletes are amateur athletes, and whenever they take the field or court each and every one of them play the game because they love it. Not because of a paycheck, but because it’s their passion, pride and the sheer joy they get representing their university. This is a crucial reason to why student athletes should not get paid.
Are you aware that most athletic departments actually lose money year after year funding their sports programs? Amanda Bokshan is a decorated sports writer and journalist. Amanda wrote the article “View: Why college athletes should not be paid” published in USA TODAY November 2, 2011. Throughout her article she has very impressive claims that supports her stance. She goes on to say in her article “Many people are not aware that most athletic departments actually lose money year after year trying to fund programs. Out of the 120 FBS (formerly named Division 1) schools, only twelve broke even or made a profit last year”. So where would they find the money to pay their players if they had to? They possibly could start taking money out of university’s general funds. General funds include classroom resources, professor salaries and scholarships. If we tossed those all way just to pay…

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