Should College Athletes Be Paid? Essay

1448 Words Nov 21st, 2016 6 Pages
One of the hottest debates in the sports world is whether or not college athletes should get a cut of the revenue they produce for their school. Men’s basketball and Football players produce billions of dollars a year through television contracts for their schools, so why don’t they get a percentage of the profit? Recently, star basketball player for Wisconsin, Nigel Hayes was on College Gameday and held up a sign that said “Broke college athlete, anything helps” and the sign had a referral to his venmo account “BrokeBadger”(Hoffer) . Nigel Hayes gives his heart and soul playing basketball for the University of Wisconsin and he does not even have enough money to eat. Another example for this is Shabazz Napier, who said he went to bed hungry before a Final Four game (Hoffer). Does this mean that big universities are taking advantage of their student athletes so that they can cash in on their abilities? While some would argue that this is indeed the case, there are others who claim that it is unnecessary and even counterproductive to pay college athletes. Howard Chudacoff, a professor tenured professor at Brown University, wrote an article against student athletes getting paid called “Let’s Not Pay College Athletes”. According to Chudacoff, student athletes are on scholarship and do not have to pay for college (Chudacoff). Also, paying student athletes would raise costs for all other students. Both sides are arguing for fairness. One side believes it is fair to pay student…

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