Essay on Should College Athletes Be Paid?

791 Words Nov 16th, 2015 4 Pages
What if one day not only is Kobe Bryant making 25 million dollars a year, but your universities star football player is also making a small fortune. For the past few years now there have been an uprising in the controversial conversation involving whether college athletes should be paid to play or not. This has brought about many positive and negative concerns to both sides of the discussion. Some reasons for why players should be paid including how much money the university makes, how disposable the players can be, and how much attention a school can gain for athletes that are preforming on star levels. There are also very compelling reasons as to why they should not be paying college athletes. Both sides show strengths and weaknesses helping both cases seem reasonable. However, I would have to say I agree with not paying student athletes and here’s why.
First off, these NCAA athletes are already getting paid in many different forms. Not only are some of them getting scholarships but most schools provide other benefits. These perks range from free tickets for family and friends to free equipment, apparel and more. Yes, there are some high profile players that will help rake in the fans which bring in more revenue for the schools and media attention which opens the door for even more attention. This helpfulness from these players only aids them in the long run especially if they want to go pro, or even in the business world. Their stardom not only gets them recognized…

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