Why Student Athletes Shouldnt Be Paid Analysis

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Reading Response to ….. I have decided to write a response paper to Ekow N. Yankah’s: “Why N.C.A.A. Athletes Shouldn’t Be Paid”. I have chosen this article because I do not agree with his statement which addresses that student-athletes shouldn 't get paid. Universities are using their student-athlete’s popularity to promote their athletics program while the student-athletes are unable to promote their own image. Time is also very limited during the day for student athletes to get a job. Most of the time coaches will not allow the student athletes to work, because of their conflicting schedules with practice. On average, a student athlete’s day is made up of going to classes, working on out in the gym, going to practice; which leaves not a …show more content…
Athletes in these highest-revenue sports rack up huge amounts from television rights, ticket sales, international broadcasts, and product endorsements because of their skills. In my opinion they deserve more compensation than the average $40,000/year they earn from their scholarships. It does not mean that college athletes should be making millions of dollars, but the revenue-generating sport student-athletes should get more for their skills and their help to promote their school’s athletic …show more content…
My sport hasn’t started season, yet I feel that there is no room for personal time. I wake up at 5 am to go to a 2-hour morning practice, then to an hour of weights and I have to rush to class everyday. When I am finally done with tennis related activities and classes, I have to go to tutoring appointments and start my homework right away, so I can go to bed at a decent time to be able to wake up early in the morning and restart my routine all over again. With my hectic schedule, I am constantly hopping from one place to another, hardly having any time to stop and have a conversation with a friend or sit down to eat a whole meal without the feeling that I need to go somewhere else. I am always tired, I have to get a decent amount of sleep, give my best effort in my sport and trying to keep up with school work. This is my daily life, my teammates’ daily lives and the daily life of the other 600 student-athletes in my university. People may say that in order to get some extra paycheck, student athletes should get a part time job. Although the NCAA now approves of student athletes working, there is simply no time for it. With so much school and training needed to be done, student athletes have little or no time to get a job. With no job, student athletes often go through college with very little money to live on, especially for athletes that come from “poor and educationally disadvantaged

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