Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

The topic that I have chosen to explore is the controversy over paying college athletes. Personally, it was an idea that had not crossed my mind often, but after giving it more thought, there is some sense to the proposition. It’s an issue that has been debated for years, and as times change and the world progresses, more opportunities are presenting themselves to help back up each side of the controversy. I’m interested in exploring this controversy, because it is not a topic that I’m exactly familiar with. It’s intriguing to go into research with the basic, unbiased mindset and absorb all the different angles of reasoning that people have thrown out.
From what I can tell, this issue is mainly a problem that affects the college athletes, their families, their schools, and even the NCAA. Athletes, and their families, have gotten the
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That alone, to me, seems similar enough to how pro athletes are paid a salary based on their skill, record, and the way the public reacts to them. There is also the fact of figuring out what the salary would be for athletes. What conditions should be set, and will there be a difference between the pay for female and male athletes? What if there is a sport that doesn’t generate as much revenue as another sport, but the athletes have the talent worth a quality salary? Should all sports be offered the same deals for athlete salaries? If there were to be a salary given to student athletes, should there be more strict guidelines in order to make the salary a good investment? Can schools even afford to pay salaries for the athletes in the long run? Many people would like to think so, but what about the predicted statistics on whether or not schools will be bringing in the same amount in years to come? There are a lot of facts to consider statistically as well as

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