Should Cloning Be Banned Or Banned? Essay

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Does cloning need to be illegal, or banned from testing? Cloning is when a host is copied.Cloning should be banned or illegal, because it’s not natural and God 's work. Scientists are trying to cure diseases in cloning testing, but the testing is incomplete; so they are harming the host trying to cure the diseases.
The reason why people is with cloning so they can cure disease.The other reason is to help the mother who can’t have babies to get a chance to have children.Fertility problems could also be potentially eased with the use of genetic cloning. The child could have DNA and qualities from both parents, instead of just one.This form of cloning allows scientists to take a small amount of cells from an organ, and harvest an entirely new, functioning one .Cloning can help with producing organs, and created babies .Cloning should be illegal because it is unnatural, the effects of cloning are unknown, and there is a high failure rate when it comes to cloning.(Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloning) Cloning should be banned, because it’s not god’s work and it 's not human natural.
Cloning should be,Cloning animals are simple, but the success rate is a failure rate. That means 3 percent of 1000 tries succeeded but the other 97 percent failed.In Cloning, the nucleus is making the cloning process unsuccessful. So the scientists are trying to reprogram the nucleus so it can speed up the development.The cloned survived animals have bigger counterparts than the original…

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