Should Cloning Be Allowed? Essay

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Cloning, however, is very controversial and there is often debate about whether or not the cloning of humans, animals, or even body parts should be allowed (Murnaghan 1). Some advocates for cloning believe that it offers significant benefits to society, while opponents of this topic suggest otherwise. Though both ideas coexist in society, scientists should only be permitted to clone humans and animals for medical purposes only. One significant medical benefit from cloning would be that it saves people and animals’ lives. For example, in 2012, a three-year-old girl, named Pippie Kruger, was severely burnt after a kerosene tank exploded during a backyard barbecue (Tedx 10:50-11:00). The explosion resulted in severe burns that covered her entire body. Though Pippie had undergone numerous operations and tests, doctors could still not find a way to save her. However, it was one suggestion by a doctor that had changed her life forever; he suggested that they should duplicate her skin and perform a skin
Marchetti 7 graft. With this idea in mind, samples of her skin were then sent to the Genzyme laboratory in Boston. More specifically, “the new skin had been created by cloning two samples of skin taken from one of the few parts of Pippie’s body that escaped injury thanks to the diaper that she was wearing at the time of the accident” (Tedx 11:05-11:20). By cloning her skin, doctors were able to help Pippie make significant improvements and steps towards recovery; the…

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