Should Clinical Depression Be Considered A Legitimate Illness?

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Should Clinical Depression be considered a legitimate illness?
Clinical Depression as well as other types of depression is a potential serious problem in this country and all over the world. Clinical depression and other types of depression are a serious type of illness that continue to increase and if the person struggling with depression whether it’s clinical or any other type of depression does not seek treatment it could become as dangerous as fatal.
Some researches claim that depression is not serous or that it should not be considered an illness. Researches such as Dr. Philip Hickey claim that depression is not real that is just a mind weakness when you get suck in not know what to do to get out of situation and you just continue to sink in more. According to Hickey he claims that “this feeling is very similar to pain. Pain is a signal that tissue is being damaged and in that urgent action is needed” (Hickey). He disputes against years of research, and claims that “no evidence has ever been presented that depression is caused by a physical problem in the brain” (Hickey). Other studies such as Stress-Related Disorders states that, “Scientist claim that depression occurs when chemicals in the brain are not at the right levels” (Sutton). These chemicals are called neurotransmitters helps the cells in the brain communicate with each other. Scientist have proven that depression is real and that it does exist and you can tell by studying the brain of those who struggle…

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