Essay on Should Chimpanzees Be Banned?

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Should Chimpanzees in Science Research Be Banned?
Most advanced nations has banned the use of chimpanzees in medical research, but the United States has not which has resulted in a controversy. Not long ago, Marc Bekoff argued that animal experimentation is unjustifiable due to many circumstances including cost and the impacts on the animals in the article, “Use of Chimpanzees in Scientific Research Should Be Banned” by saying “recent studies have established beyond any doubt that the effects of all sorts of research on laboratory animals, especially long term, can be severe. Chimpanzees recently retired from U. S. laboratories exhibit gross stereotypes (repetitive, apparently purposeless behaviors) indicating psychological distress that is both profound and chronic. Other behavioral abnormalities include self-mutilation, inappropriate aggression, fear, withdrawal, and mood and anxiety disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).” What he goes on to say is that these chimpanzees and other animals involved in scientific research go through a tremendous amount of suffering. At the point when attempting to approach these issues, it’s rocky because chimpanzees are our nearest living relatives, which makes them possibly better than every single other specie in anticipating human reactions to new or other clinical mediations. Bekoff supports his argument by citing many specialists who’ve witnessed chimpanzees being experimented on and also experts who’ve examined…

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