Essay on Should Capital Punishment Be Deterrent?

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Capital punishment may seem justifiable at the moment, yet it presents many issues that deter people’s opinions on it. The United States has held many trials involving capital punishment as a sentence where it raised many controversial debates for those who favor or abolish it. Capital punishment is not the only option for punishment in such heinous crimes, with life in prison without parole as an alternative choice.
Those who favor capital punishment reason with the theory of deterrence. This theory suggests that we must punish an offender in order to discourage potential offenders from committing similar offenses. In this assertion, it is thought that this kind of punishment will send a message and instill fear in potential offenders preventing them from committing such horrid acts. It is not only the severity of the punishment that should be deterrent but as well as how rapidly the punishment is carried out. People will not violate laws if they are certain they will be caught and punished for them. Advocates for the death penalty also believe in the incapacitation hypothesis. We must execute the most monstrous killers in order to deter them from killing again. A third point from people who are pro-death penalty is the idea of retribution. A question that is frequently imposed to support retribution is “How would you feel if your closet loved one was brutally murdered?” Families of victims in such homicidal crimes seek retribution to solve the constant open wound of…

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