Should Athletic Involvement Be Banned? Essay examples

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An important aspect in today’s culture is athletics. A numerous amount of individuals spectate, coach, and participate in multiple athletic events throughout the year. As this is the case, almost all individuals involved start becoming involved at a young age, often times around the age of six or seven. At this age, individuals are involved due to their parents. Around the age where adolescence begins, a child is able to articulate his or her thoughts and chose whether to continue to play certain sports or not. Throughout this time frame, one has many aspects and sides of arguments to follow regarding their participation in athletics. There are both positive and negatives regarding whether one should participate in athletics or not. To begin with, being involved in athletics has many benefits. For example, participating in athletics has many physical benefits (Merkel, 2013). Athletic involvement has been shown to combat childhood obesity. This is due to increased caloric expenditure, increased time spent away from media such as television and online communication, and minimizing unnecessary snacking (Merkel, 2013). Furthermore, organized sports follow Michelle Obama’s initiative “Let’s Move!” to combat childhood obesity (Merkel, 2013). This initiative requires children to be physically active for 60 minutes a day for five days a week. As an organized sports practice typically lasts anywhere from and hour to over two hours, it is obvious how participating in…

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