Benefits Of Legalizing Euthanasia

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Should Assisted Suicide be legalized?
Euthanasia is the act of intentionally ending a life to relieve pain. Euthanasia also known as Assisted Suicide is legal in a few countries and a few U.S states. Protestors and suicide activists have tried to mold this definition into “Dying with Dignity”. Assisted Suicide is intended to indefinitely relief pain of those who are terminally ill or soon to be because of a diagnosis. Euthanasia is put in place to provide patients with the right to choose when they should die. Patients and family members decide euthanasia is how they would like to end their journey and then have a physician prescribe or administer a lethal drug to end their life. Many states are trying to legalize euthanasia so that patients
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It should not be legalized because these patients may not be capable of making that decision. The limitations of this law are yet unsaid. Legalizing euthanasia would provide patients with mental disabilities such as depression to choose death as a treatment option. Doctors should be pushed to treat the underlying depression before allowing one to take their life while not in a good mind set. The majority of patients may feel pressured into euthanasia, especially terminal ill patients due to feeling like a burden. The American foundation of suicide prevention states patients who wish to have an early death due to having a terminal illness often suffer from a treatable depression condition. “Both patients who attempt suicide and request assisted suicide often test the affection and care of others, confiding feelings like “I don’t want to be a burden” or “they will be better off without me”. “A change in family attitudes can modify the outcome in cases where patients wish to die” (American). Patients with terminal illnesses and depression should be treated for their unbearable symptoms instead of being coaxed into to ending their life. Patients who have just found out they will be dying soon, or had been diagnosed with depression and seen in the hospital for suicide attempts, may not be in the right mind to choose whether they should die or get treated. Some patients may be wishing to end their …show more content…
It is not in the best interest of mentally disabled or terminally ill patients who are incapable of making medical decisions. Lastly euthanasia is not ethical. If euthanasia was legalized American citizen would be in great danger. Doctors would be given power to persuade patients to use this as a medical option instead of a last resort. Doctors will be committing murder and patients will give up all hope. Euthanasia demolishes the hope to live and the faith of future

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