Should Animals Have Rights Essay

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Do you really believe that animals should have the same rights as us humans? If you think about this, passing a Bill of Rights for animals could go against centuries of human culture, increase the cost of food, hinder medical research, and may cause other problems. I believe that animals should not have a Bill of Rights.

My first reason is that such a law would go against human culture because we as people run the world. Can animals even work, cook, clean, or even talk, think about it. Giving animals the same rights as we have would just be ignorant. I understand that people want companies to treat animals with more respect which is acceptable, but to give them rights that will just change humanity forever. Humans are use to processed foods and they know what they’re eating so to switch it up would not make sense. The film Blackfish tries to convince the audience that organizations like Seaworld hold wild animals back from having a good life. Personally I do not agree with the film, Seaworld is a very successful
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Using assembly lines in big corporations like “Tyson foods” is just nature to them. That is how we have always got our food quickly and at a low price. Switching it up would probably close down big businesses and leave many people jobless. Also the average family could only afford this food, forcing them to buy all organic or real meat will make them bankrupt. I’m sure by having an Animal Bill of Rights it would try to make you become a vegetarian and if not then it would be really expensive to buy meat. You cannot just do this, it is hard enough to find jobs now days by passing this bill parents would need to double their time at work or get a second job leaving them no time for their families. We are doing just fine as we are today, with no animal bill. People who want their all organic or unprocessed meat can go buy some and leave the rest of the community to buy what they

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