Essay on Should Abortion Be Lowered Crime Rates?

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Since abortion became legal in the United States in 1973 it has been one of the most controversial subjects in politics, and there is a good reason for this. For those who think life begins at conception they consider this operation barbaric and cruel, while those who want a woman to do what is best for her, believe that this surgery is a great way to get rid of unwanted pregnancies. However whether one is for or against abortion statistics show that it has been very helpful in the United States. Legalizing abortion has lowered crime rates, reduced the number of injuries and deaths due to illegal abortions, and it lets women have control over their lives and their bodies. In 1991 crime rates started to dramatically fall in the United States. By 1998 the homicide rate had fallen by one third and all violent crimes were down by one quarter. At first researches were puzzled by this sudden drop in crime and many explanations were offered to explain the sudden fall; with none being able to offer sufficient evidence to support their theories the mystery remained as to why crime rates rose until 1991 and then suddenly dropped. Then Professors John Donohue of Stanford University and Steven Levitt of the University of Chicago introduced a new theory; that the sudden drop in crime was due to the legalization of abortion in 1973. “The idea is that the children who were not born would have been disproportionately likely to grow up in poverty and on welfare with a young and poorly…

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