Should Abortion Be Legalized? Essay

1418 Words Jun 17th, 2016 null Page
The Pro-Choice argument is that that women have rights over their own body and have the right to choose what they wish to do with their body. The Pro-Life argument that women do not deserve to have those rights which means they would be forced to go on with an unwanted pregnancy. Many people believe abortion is wrong because it is taking away a life, however abortion performed at an early stage in a pregnancy is not taking away a life. Therefore, abortion should be legalized throughout all states in the U.S., as women should have rights over their own body.
Abortion history goes as far back as the 1800’s. Connecticut was one of the first states to officially outlaw abortion. Abortion was originally outlawed because the lack of safety procedures for the mothers. The procedures were unsanitary, crude, dangerous, and had high mortality rates. The original outlaw was to protect women, but the main cause was to restrict women and keep them to the traditional role of raising children. The declining birth rate of whites in the 1800’s was also a factor of the outlaw of abortion. Abortion became known as “race suicide”. If they really wanted it terminated, they would use coat hangers or knitting needles, putting themselves at great risk of harm. Abortion has been performed illegally and dangerously for years, if a women wishes to terminate her pregnancy she will find a way to do so. The only way to end these dangerous procedures is to allow women the right to get an abortion. There…

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