Short Term Goals For Your Student Essay

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1) What were your primary (short term) goals for your student this week? How well do you feel they were accomplished? My primary goals this week were to work on getting to know Grace and getting her familiar with word sorts. I feel these goals were accomplished. I read books with Grace that were aligned with her interests and then we talked about the books, which helped me get to know Grace and helped her become more comfortable with me. I also did a word sort on Tuesday and Thursday with Grace. This helped her understand how to do word sorts, which she picked up quickly and was able to do on her own.
2) What went well this week? The word sorts we played went well. Grace had never done a word sort before, but she picked up the concept of how to play very quickly and she really enjoyed doing the word sorts. I felt like I modeled how to perform a word sort well and I understand better how word sorts work. This will help me in upcoming weeks when I do other word sorts with Grace.
3) List at least one thing from is week’s lesson plans that you are proud of and explain why. I am very proud of my word sorts this week. I was uncertain how to do a word sort and wasn’t sure how it would go. To my delight it went well and I learned how to do a word sort with Grace. I was also pleasantly surprised at how much Grace enjoyed it. Grace was a little uncertain at first as I pulled out the pictures for the word sort. I explained what we were going to do and then I sorted the first picture to…

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