Short Story : ' What 's The Matter ' Aunty May ' Essay

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The storybook that I chose to do shared reading is called ‘What 's the Matter, Aunty May’. It is about a little boy who is trying to do some housework for his aunty but keeping making troubles. He knocked the broom through the screen door when he was cleaning the floor. Aunty May’s precious antique vase and cup were broken. Even her lovely white cat became pink because he split red ink on it. He wanted to fix the bathroom sink but accidently burst the pipes and caused a flood in the house. Aunty May witnessed the whole trail of destruction her nephew had left behind whilst politely trying to offer his assistance, feeling distressed and mad. There are several reasons why I choose to read this book to my literacy learners. Firstly, the story is related to children’s world. Hill (2015) mentioned that building on the familiar which means making connections to children’s world acts as a driving vehicle for literacy development. Children may help their parents to do various chores at home and the scenes of the little boy doing different housework in the book could trigger their memory that help them engage in the story more. To attract children’s attention and arise their interests, I choose a book with vivid and funny illustrations. Colorful pictures, exaggerate facial expressions, funny figure images and continuous illustrations provide high level of support for children’s understanding. Since they are all early readers, choosing a book that suits their learning level will…

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