Short Story : ' What The Hell Is Wrong With You Ethan? Essay

2494 Words Oct 27th, 2016 10 Pages
Picture this… You are in 8th grade running around at basketball practice going through your drills when you look around and realize that one of your teammates is not at practice. You think to yourself that it is really weird because he never misses practice. That’s the last you really question it until you hear the gymnasium doors swing open. You look over to the doors and see your teammate walk through the door. You see he has wires hooked up to his chest and connected to a machine. You over hear coach yell, “What the hell is wrong with you Ethan?” This was reality for 8th grade Ethan Thompson following a visit to the hospital after a series of sicknesses. Up until this point everyone had only seen Ethan as Ethan, but now everyone saw Ethan as some sort of robot. In the moment, the coaches and players didn’t realize that their brains were making quick judgements of the situation and sometimes you must doubt what your brains tells you to think, do, or say. Ethan is now 16 he lives with his mom, dad, and little brother, William, in New Richmond Wisconsin. Ethan attends New Richmond High School as a full-time student who is in the middle of his sophomore year. As a child Ethan dreamed of being a Doctor, but now Ethan wants to pursue a job in a sports related field. He loves to play sports including baseball, basketball, and football. When Ethan was born, his mom was a teen mom having Ethan at the age of 16. Ethan’s mom, Val, remembers knowing something was different about…

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