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Family Assessment Assignment According to Potter and Perry (2010), a family assessment is necessary to provide sufficient family care and support. A family assessment gives the community health nurse an overall picture of the family’s structure and functions. Family health concerns are acknowledged and family strengths are emphasized by completing a family assessment (Stanhope, Lancaster, Jessup-Falcioni, & Viverais-Dresler, 2011). This paper will examine a family assessment that I conducted with a family and will include a completed genogram (see Appendix A) and ecomap (see Appendix B). It will discuss the family type, a short health history of the index person that was interviewed, the composition of the family and extended family, the family’s …show more content…
In this stage, Melissa and Scott may be adapting family boundaries to take account of the children’s independence and grandparents’ weaknesses (Stanhope et al., 2011). Melissa’s oldest child, Sarah, is in her last year of high school and will soon be moving away for university as she has planned to do. When this happens, Melissa’s family will move on to the next stage known as “launching children and moving on” (Stanhope et al., 2011). Melissa and Scott’s younger child, Megan has some medical conditions that were discussed during the interview. Megan was hospitalized in the Janeway in 2015 after fainting many times and was diagnosed with Catecholaminergic polymorphic ventiricular tachycardia (CPVT). Megan was given medication to take for the rest of her life to control this serious condition and had a heart monitor inserted into her chest. Megan is allergic to Cipro (ciprofloxacin) and …show more content…
Melissa’s father, Tim, died of a heart attack in 2012. Tim also had chronic illnesses including: Osteoarthritis, Hemochromatosis, Cirrhosis of the liver, and cataracts in both eyes (see Appendix A). Melissa’s mother, Beth, passed away in 2004. Beth had Multiple myeloma, colorectal cancer, and environmental allergies to dust and pollen (see Appendix A). Melissa has five siblings, including a twin sister and four brothers (see Appendix A). She is very close with her twin sister who lives only twenty minutes away and often spends time with her throughout the week and on the weekends. Her four brothers are located in Labrador, and even though she is not in contact with them often, they usually visit in the summer and during the holidays. Scott’s father, Sam, passed away in 2004. Sam was a smoker almost all of his life, and he had oral cancer. Scott’s mother, Mary, is 66 years old, is healthy, and provides support to the entire family. Scott has one sister who lives in St. John’s currently, but visits quite

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