Essay about Short Story : ' What The Frog ! '

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“What the frog?” I jerked up as soon as I felt someone’s hand pulling me. The next thing I savvy I’m dragged off my bed and onto the floor with a loud thud. “Omph.” Splendid that’s going to bruise a little. I might be slim, yet falling from the bed entails a grand elevation. Once I focused my gaze on the person responsible for waking me up in such manner I noticed Jadiel and Nicole smirking. Nicole is my best friend since we were in diapers she actually turned 18, three months ago, she found her mate that day whom happens to be my brother. Fabulous I get to see them make out every day. Gross. I glared at them nonetheless, my gaze fixed on Jake as he was standing at the door with pain written all over his face that’s another thing we are able to feel each other’s emotions.
“You guys’ are going to pay for that.” I stated quite astonished as they ran out of the room yelling Happy Birthday. “Happy birthday Jakey.” I got off the floor running towards him jumping on him in the process locking my legs around his waist. Jake is about 6’2 and I’m 5’3 yea big difference. While he’s tall and muscular I’m thin and small framed which deceives many as I proudly sport a 6-pack. I’m quite strong obviously not stronger than my brother’s. It was Saturday, once I glanced out the window it was still dark outside. Wait. What time is it? 5:30 am. What the hell it’s too damn early. Suddenly I heard cracking noises, seriously this early? I grabbed Jake’s hand and quickly ran down the stairs calling…

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