Short Story: The Last Supper

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The Last Supper

“Would you mind setting the table for supper, Charity-” Nancy stopped mid-sentence when she saw the look on Charity 's face. The poor child has no idea of how to set a table, thought Nancy. She smiled at Charity, hoping to ease the anxiousness that was clearly visible on her face.
“It 's alright, dear; I 'll show you how. I am sure you will catch on pretty quick; there’s nothing to it.”
When they had gotten everything ready and on the table, Nancy went to the door and called the men folk in for supper.
Although Charity was hungry, once everyone fixed their plate and began eating, she became nervous; she could barely eat because she kept sneaking glances in Henry‘s direction. It seemed he had a second sense or something,
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When Eli and Henry returned from checking their traps, they were quite surprised to see the women skinning a bear. They were full of questions, but Nancy told them they’d have to wait to hear the full story. That if they really wanted to help, to pitch in and make their selves useful. Before long, fresh bear meat was on a spit, and roasting alongside some potatoes. The rest was soaking in brine water to ready it for the smokehouse and for canning in jars; the hide was stretched between several poles. Nancy said the hide would make them a nice warm blanket.
“I might leave it stiff and use it as a rug to put on the floor beside my bed, for the cold winter mornings; I hate putting my bare feet on cold floors!”
That night, after asking the Lord to bless what they were about to receive, they dined on fresh roasted bear meat. Charity listened while Eli talked about his and Henry 's day checking their traps. They had come up mostly empty, he said; then turning to look at her and Nancy, he said; “Well, I can tell you womenfolk had a much more exciting day than we men did. I‘m anxious to hear all about it,” he grinned.
“Me too,” said Henry. “I want to know how y’all killed that
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She grinned at Henry over her fork, took a big bite of her meat, and then started laughing. Henry laughed too, thinking what a beautiful, playful smile and laugh, she had. He liked this Charity better than the quiet, shy Charity he’d first met. Her bravery in helping to kill the bear and playfulness eating it, just made Henry love her more, and want to get to know her better.
Before they finished supper, Eli spoke up and said that she and Henry could take her grandpa 's wagon the next morning and go to fetch her belongings. He said that he knew it would take them at least two full days to make the trip, one day going there and one day coming back.
“Thank you, so much! Are you sure it won‘t be any trouble,” a surprised Charity questioned.
Eli said it would be no trouble at all. He said that he could do without Henry for a day or two; but he couldn 't leave Nancy there all by herself for that long. To which Nancy ruffled up and replied, “I think I’ve proven that I can take care of myself quite well, thank you,” said Nancy, refuting his statement.
“Yeah, that I can see,” mumbled Eli, taking another bite of roasted

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