Short Story Save As Many As You Ruin

Save as Many as You Ruin - Simon Van Booy

Life is always changing and sometimes we forget that. We forget to live in the moment and feel the things around us. Events are followed by new events and some of these are either little things that effects our everyday or big turning-points that will define us the rest of our life. Sometimes we for-get to feel the moment and take the chances. Life is when you remember the little things, and starts to appreciate these things. Stop the negative thoughts and focus on the positive ones. If you don’t take the once in a lifetime chance, it may never come back. Only few people get a second chance. This is what the main character, Gerard, is so thankful for getting in the short story ‘’Save as Many as you
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The sto-ry is about a man named Gerard which wife died four years ago. He lives in Manhattan with his eight year old daughter Lucy. The story takes place in Manhattan, New York and stretches over approximately one whole day. It begins in the afternoon and stretches into late night same day. The short story is told by a third person narrator, who is the main character, Gerard. The entire story is seen thought the main characters eyes and we always know what he is thinking. We follow his thoughts, his reflections and his observations all through the story. ‘’They were scared but trusted their parents; Gerard feels stabbing love for his daughter. He crosses fifty-third Street. Her name is Lucy, and she is eight.’’(P. 1 L. 17-19) This makes the story become associated and leaping be-tween action, thoughts and reflections. This is also known as stream of consciousness. This stream of consciousness is also seen in the way the story shifts in time and …show more content…
The snow is a recurring image, and symbol that associ-ate with Gerard’s inner development among other things. The snow shows the emotion he feels inside outside. The first time we hear about the snow is in the beginning. ‘’At the end of each block the sidewalk disappears under a pool of gray ice water.’’ (P. 1 L. 2-3) Here he associates the snow with negative things, but thought the story he develops his associations with the snow and it be-comes more and more positive. ‘’The snow is drifting across the city in waves.’’ (P. 7 L. 194) This positive develop in the snow, could also be the develop in Gerard’s relationship with Laurel. In the beginning of the story the snow is not falling from the sky, it is only laying on the ground. But then it begins to fall more and more the further we get into the story and finally it develops into a bliz-zard. This violent weather is a development in Gerard’s emotional development. ‘’And then he sees Laurel trough the falling snow.’’ (P. 2 L. 49) In the story, where the snow becomes a blizzard, Gerard’s meets Laurel, who he has been in love with for eight years. So the shifts in his life can be seen in the setting as the weather. ‘’Of course, she says, and then looks outside at the blizzard and laughs.’’ (P. 4 L. 137-138) The snow is also positively associated with Laurel for example when she looks out on the blizzard and starts laughing. Also when they are in the elevator, there is some snow on

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