Essay Short Story : My Eyes, Your Wheelchair Isn 't Noticed

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“In my eyes, your wheelchair isn 't noticed. Natalie, you and the Mona Lisa share one more thing in common, in that you are a rare find. Now... If I could only get you to see that. Early this morning, I couldn 't sleep,” I continued. “All I could do was stare out my window at the sickle shaped moon and the different star constellations and think about you. Before I knew it, I found myself writing a poem that sums up how I feel about you. I haven 't ever wrote a poem, but that 's what you do to me. You bring poetry into my life. You turn me into a sappy romantic. I 'd read it to you, but I 'd only embarrass myself.” Reaching into my pocket, I pulled it out and handed it to her.

“Maybe you can read it later,” I said feeling like a grade-school kid passing a note. I decided to stop right there, because if I went any further, I might make her upset. And secondly I was really starting to cramp in my stomach and legs. It was probably the best time for me to segue into my good-bye – at least for the moment – and I 'd try talking to her again later. Surely, I would be able to get through to her with enough patience and persistence.

“Just think about giving us a shot. Okay,” I added.

I reached down and took her sweat laced hand. I told her goodnight and leaned in and place a gentleman 's kiss on the backside of it. And as I started to pull away she grabbed me by my open shirt collar with her free hand. Her large doe eyes studied over mine briefly as she pulled me in close. She…

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