Short Story : ' Mommy, Why Don 't You Love Me? Essay

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"Mommy, why don 't you love me? All the other girls at my school are loved by their mothers. Don’t I make you happy? You don’t even have to pay for my school tuition... " said Julie upstairs depressed. "What do you mean?" said Mary Ann, the mother in an imperious tone," I 'm watching the Jerry Show. Just go read your stupid book. Like you always do. I don’t want to speak to trash."
"But mommy. I want to talk to you. I want to be with you . Can I come downstairs?"said Julie. "No, " said the mother, "I don 't want you bothering me ! I never wanted to have you . Your stupid father, Tyrone , got me pregnant… then, he left for that stupid Lala chick from the club, Crazy Horse too. Now, I’m stuck with you. You ruined my life! You know if you were never born I could have gone to the club with my girlfriends and become the exotic dancer I always wanted to be ." Julie stood upstairs, unable to do anything but listen to these harsh word coming from her mother 's mouth. Julie, a beautiful intelligent seventeen year old, was ranked first out of her classmates and received many scholarships to go to any college she wanted. You can even say she was a child prodigy; however, the only thing Julie wanted in the world was her mother 's love and attention.
On the other hand , the mother viewed Julie as a mistake. Since Julie had long silky black hair, long eyelashes , and was the most caring girl you will ever see, her mother was jealous of all the attention she received from other…

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