Short Story : ' Homeland ' By Vijay Singh Mishra Essay

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stood for. When he tried to recollect the shape of her body, hands, face, he would only remember pliant windows, doors, stairs, and verandah!’ (Palit, 69). This speaks of how with losing the house, Alam has also lost Raka, both belong to the other side of the border. Home, we realize rather than being a physical space becomes an irrevocable feeling, as opposed only to the idea of ‘Homeland’, which is characterized by geographical boundaries.
Vijay Mishra recalls an incident where V.S. Naipaul is asked, ‘Where do you come from?’ (Mishra, 4)
With Partition migrants we see how this question manifests into an identity crisis which leads to a ‘double consciousness’ (Mishra, 5) within their psyche: since the question interpreted from the Indian perspective directly means, ‘Where do you belong?’ triggering a familiar process of longing and nostalgia for a home that is lost forever. Palit’s story plays on this simple idea: for Alam Home remains his house in Park
Street, Calcutta even though his homeland, politically, is Bangladesh. Traveling to Calcutta for a 'Friendship ' Seminar between the two countries Alam is surprised at the seriousness of his friend 's comment, who points out, 'This sky belongs to India; we have no citizen 's right over it’ (Palit, 53). The story presents two kinds of sensibilities: one, through Alam who believes that the people sharing one language, one dress, same food and climate, with a border which could be practically crossed on foot, the

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